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About Artist JETWRENCH
Keiji Takata | 髙田恵治

1977 Born in Okayama Prefecture.

Inspired by the low-blow art that originated on the West Coast of the United States, he learned the pin-stripe technique of hand-painting cars and motorcycles using a special brush .

Since 2003, he has pursued the possibilities of art through many overseas activities such as the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Australia .

JETWRENCH solo exhibition

  • 2010 Tokyo
  • 2011 USA
  • 2012 Okayama
  • 2013 USA
  • 2015 Okayama
  • 2016 Tokyo

2000 Established JETWRENCH ArtStudio.

In 2022, he encountered a "Papier Tiger" and created a new concept art work "HARICO TIGER".

Production scene of HARICO TIGER



  • Okayama, Ushimado Telemoke
  • Tokyo, New Space PA
  • Tokyo, Gallery HANA Shimokitazawa Teruo Nakamura and Mitsunori Sakamoto photo exhibition (special participation)
  • Nagasaki, Yamakiya Building

WEB site www.jet-mobile.com