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Daidai - 橙

Daidai - 橙

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≪Daidai - 橙≫

"Daidai" - Orange is a color that expresses the wish for the prosperity of descendants, and is the same as the wish expressed in tiger papier-mâché since ancient times. With different designs on the left and right, one has a tiger skeleton, and the other has a tiger fur line, giving it a pop look.

Asymmetrical design with a logo on one side.

- The displayed artwork images represent the initial works. If the initial pieces are sold out, we create the same design by hand-drawing, so there might be slight individual differences. Please acknowledge this before making a purchase.

-Due to its popularity, some pieces are currently sold out. We are diligently working on creating more.


"HARICO TIGER" is a work of art that was created and produced with free ideas based on the experience of being involved in American art culture. Please enjoy the original art work that expresses the tigers in pop colors with delicate hand-painted brush strokes.


  • paper
  • horse hair
  • enamel paint

    Dimension and weight

    The size and weight of the HARICO TIGER

    Small 100mm 300mm 200mm 250g
    130mm 500mm 450mm 800g
    200mm 700mm 630mm 2160g


    Size and weight of the HARICO TIGER within the box

    Size Width Depth Height Weight
    285mm 265mm 155mm 650g
    365mm 345mm 220mm 1850g
    525mm 495mm 315mm 3800g


    *As each piece of works are handmade, the size and weight may differ from the values of tables.

    Handling Precautions

    • The work is for viewing purposes only, so please do not use it for any other purpose.
    • As each piece is handmade, the color and details may differ from the image.
    • Specifications may change without notice due to material procurement.
    • The work is made of fragile materials. Be careful when touching directly.
    • Please be careful not to let small children directly touch, chew or lick it.
    • Especially the metal fittings that connect the neck and the body are very delicate. Also, the tip is sharp, so be careful not to touch it directly.


    Each work will be delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

    Shipping cost

    For domestic deliveries within Japan

    Free shipping.

    For international deliveries from Japan

    We will deliver using international speed mail (EMS). The shipping fee will be charged according to the area to which the work will be delivered, and will be added to the price of the work.



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    Each HARICO TIGER is delivered in a dedicated paulownia box with a certificate of authenticity. Untie the strap and meet your precious one.

    • Each work and paulownia box is handmade one by one, so there are individual differences in weight. Please consider all stated weights as a guide.

    • The color of the paulownia box ties may change without prior notice due to changes in materials.